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Frozen, but otherwise as fresh as the moment they were pulled from the water.

This unparalleled freshness is a big reason why buying all of your salmon and other fish from Jammin’ Salmon Seafoods makes sense. Just as soon as these sockeyes are hauled on deck they’re filleted, vacuum-sealed in airtight packaging (to protect the delicate flesh from the air and oxidation) and then flash-frozen.

Supermarket salmon

You can search every supermarket in the state and not find a salmon this wild, this fresh, or this delicate and delicious. And thanks to Jammin’ Salmon Seafoods, you don’t have to look around anymore.

The surest way to know you’re getting authentic wild salmon is to buy it from a reputable, trustworthy source. That way, you always get what you pay for.

But that’s difficult-to-impossible if you buy from a supermarket or even a local fishmonger. Both get their fish from middlemen who deal with multiple sources; some good, some not so. And supermarkets – even the high-end stores – purchase in huge volumes in which price, not necessarily quality, is the overriding concern.